Everybody has those days where they mesmarized by thoughts of giving up. Success is a failure turned inside out. The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. The first past of success mean that within every failure are the lessons that must be learned to achieve success in the future attempts at the same or other endeavour. Failure doesn’t mean that your attempt was totally flawed but that you may have made a few minor miscalculations or missteps that made you come up short of success. Also just like inside out is the opposite of the original position, success is the opposite of failure.

Satyam sharma

Hi, everyone whoever will read this post I will thank core of my heart as it is the first time which I am writing and posting in the blog.

Myself satyam sharma (sandy) as my mother keep name to call me in the house. I love the name which my mother keep it as a pet. I belong from a middle class family with a low income which I faces a lot of problem to start my journey. I used to take tution to the junior student from that whatever I used to get I gave to my mother to buy the essentials commodities which is used in home.

Slowly I completed my graduation with a hardworking process. I have my 2 sister which they are continuing their studies.

I start my journey through doing job in teaching field fro their whatever I used to earn I decided to continue my studies. And I started my preparation for the exams.

So concluding my introduction I want to say everyone those who ever see my blog plz don’t be fade of your life because life never come again to continue ur dream which u can start ur journey from childhood so do whatever u want to do in ur running time…………….

“failure is the pillar of success”

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